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We have events happening all year here at AUTODROMO Yucatan. From track days to speed tests, from drag races to classic rallies, we have it all. The Southeast Championship has 9 annual events to attend, with entire weekends of practice, qualifying, and racing on Sunday.

Check out the events below to see what’s happening next. Remember to check out our social media too (links at the top of the page) to be the first to know what’s happening.

The Southeast Championship

The Southeast Championship is an incredible race series for motorcycles and cars. The championship has 6 motorcycle categories and the March Cup, a one-make car series that always focuses on driver skill over machine capability

The championship has 9 annual events to attend, with entire weekends of practice, qualifying, and racing on Sunday. Sunday is race day where you can see motorcycles from 200cc to 1,000cc battling it out for track supremacy.

The Southeast Championship is your Yucatan race series, being battled all year, right here at AUTODROMO Yucatan!


Cars: March Cup.

A single-make (Nissan March), restricted category race, where the vehicles are specifically built to have the same performance. The cars are track-modified and not street-legal. Special modifications to the engine, chassis, and suspension are installed and the cars are both quick and nimble.

March Cup racing often has over 15 competitor vehicles racing and is always very close. Some cars have multiple drivers. It is not possible to simply “power” down your opponent and drivers need skill and daring to win the race. There are 3 March Cup races per scheduled weekend (Sundays – see schedule) and there is everything to race for all through the season.

Motorcycles: Promotional

Entry-level motorcycles battle for dominance in this super-close, fun race series. Many competitors race Bajaj NS200 motos but you will see others too, even Supermoto and regular street bikes. This is an open class so any modification is allowed, under 200cc single cylinder (unless cleared by race officials).

Motorcycles: Low Cylinder

This series was initially dominated by 250cc twin-cylinder motorcycles but has grown to the 400cc class. Most competitors are racing specially prepared Ninja 400’s or KTM RC390’s but any motorcycle that can keep a race pace, 201cc-400cc can enter. Often bikes have modified engines, suspension and slick tires.

Motorcycles: 600cc New people (Novatos) and starter (Iniciacion)

These two race series run together and include both beginner and established (non-expert) 600cc supersport riders. The pace is fast but with newer racers on-track, the aggression is lower whilst they learn to rise to “expert” status. This is great racing and you can make a good connection with the riders as they battle to win and learn. Race-prepared 600cc 4-cylinder motorcycles are used for this category, often R6 and GSXR600 motorcycles can be seen.

Motorcycles: 600cc Experts

This is expert-level racing on top-class supersport machines right here in Merida. This is as good as it gets, with often national level riders competing to beat the competition and smash the lap record. This is top-quality racing on rocket-fast machines at expert level. If you love racing series like Superbike and GP, this is for you.

Motorcycles: Master (600cc +)

The “Master” series is an over-40 (year old) series with an open category above 600cc which matches fast, knowledgeable racers (often expert and coaches race) with a more relaxed approach. Whilst the racing is fast and competitive, the racing is usually less aggressive than the expert series, who may even be trying for national seats and manufacturer sponsorships. This series is for the seasoned rider wanting great racing.


Welcome to AUTODROMO Yucatan – your motor racetrack just north of Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.

Our installation has a 3.5km +/- world class racetrack for cars and motorcycles, designed by the famous racecar driver Emerson Fittipaldi.Fititipaldi is a Brazilian  automobile racing driver who won both the Formula One World Championship and the Indianapolis 500 twice each, plus the CART championship once.

Over three decades, he won F1 in the 70’s, CART in the 80’s and Indianapolis in the 90’s. He raced for the famous Lotus and McLaren teams in F1. He is one of only 3 people to ever have a Corvette production car named in his honor. Who better to design a racetrack for us?

Our installation has two racetracks. The first, AUTODROMO, is the main racetrack which is around 3.5km with challenging curves and a huge straight for high-speed racing. We also have “KARTODROMO”, a +/- 1km Karting racetrack which is ideal for smaller capacity motorcycles, training and of course, Kart racing.


There are many opportunities our team can talk to you about. From racing to maintenance, from cars to motorcycles and from business events to race spectators, there’s something for everyone here at AutoDromo Yucatan!


Are you a racer? We have several classes and categories in The Southeast Championship as well as track days to sharpen your skills. We have other events also such as ¼ mile, so you’ll want to keep an eye on our events page to see what is coming up for you.


Race day is always great! Come and watch the action in The Southeast Championship. Entry is very reasonable on the gate and competitors even get some free entities for family and friends! Come and join the action! There are several other races and events you can watch too!


We have several schools and learning academies at the track for racing and to simply practice your skills. Contact us and we will be happy to put you on to the right school for you!

Race Schools:

Business Developments

From corporate events to sponsorship opportunities, we are here to support and add value to Yucatan business leaders with our world-class facilities. Contact our business development team for ideas on how we can help you do more business, develop relationships, reward clients and much more.